What to Include in Your Digital Transformation Strategy

What to Include in Your Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation (DX) is crucial for business improvement, with technology playing a central role. However, choosing the right technology is key, as wrong investments can derail progress. A McKinsey Global Survey reveals that 90% of senior leaders have undertaken major DX initiatives in the past two years, emphasizing the digital era’s arrival. Businesses slow to […]

Benefits of Blended Learning in Corporate Training

5 Benefits of Blended Learning in Corporate Training

Online learning is a convenient way for you to manage corporate training. However, you may want to offer in-person training as well. Blended learning is an ideal and popular alternative to strictly in-person or online training. There are many benefits to blended learning. What Is Blended Learning? Blended learning is also called hybrid learning, meaning […]

Building a Center of Excellence

Create a Center of Excellence

Organizations are always looking for ways to sustain a competitive edge. Becoming a successful enterprise requires achieving a balance of efficiency and innovation. More corporations are establishing Centers of Excellence (COE), an increasingly popular business unit dedicated to enhancing operations throughout the organization. This article will define the Center of Excellence, explain its benefits, and […]

Best Practices for Retaining Top Talent

Best practices for retaining top talent

Employee retention refers to a business or organization’s capability to hire and keep top talent. The issue for many companies is that focusing on employee retention can be challenging—especially when the impact of a solid or weak retention program on day-to-day responsibilities may not be evident to those at the top. Even so, retaining top […]

Align Human Resources (HR) with Business Strategy

Align HR with Business Strategy

A business strategy consists of clearly defined plans, actions, and goals that map how a business will use its products or services to compete in one or more markets. Compared to most business functions, Human Resources (HR) intersects with all other departments, making it a vital part of any good business strategy. More businesses are […]